Time, Space and…Raptors?

Some things that resonated with me this week…

clock I enjoyed Laura Brady Saade’s guest post on Laura Vanderkam’s blog this week. She talks about filling the 10-minute gaps in her busy schedule with targeted activities – large or overwhelming goals that become manageable when approached in 10-minute increments. Having a list of those important, strategic goals helps me remember to use my spare minutes wisely (and not to start another game of Words With Friends). If you’re interested, you can join monthly 10-minute challenges at the GiveMe10 blog.

I love inspiring workspaces and I cannot stop thinking about this Paris office. I’m not sure if it’s the indoor trees or plastic domed workspaces. Maybe both. As one of the commentators put it, “it’s like Rivendell meets the Apple Store”. Love it!

The boys and I had the opportunity to visit the Bonney Butte Raptor Migration Project on Mt. Hood this weekend. Although it was a slow day for bird spotting, the views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson were stellar. The observation and banding stations are staffed by Hawkwatch International volunteers.


These guys are there watching and recording migrating raptors from 9 to 6 each day. Not a bad gig! The Hawkwatch International site also has tons of great information on raptor identification and conservation.



3 thoughts on “Time, Space and…Raptors?

  1. Jenny Williams

    The “give me ten” challenge totally resonates with me. I recently had a revelation when I read an entire book simply after reading for a few minutes each day on the subway. Books can be finished in ten minute increments?! Sometimes, our minds are funny are like that. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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