4 Productivity Tips from Eleanor Roosevelt

I doubt Eleanor Roosevelt ever used the term “productivity”, at least not in the way we use it today.

But she had many insights into getting the most from life, all of which she recorded in You Learn by Living: Eleven Keys for a More Fulfilling Life.

In her chapter on The Uses of Time, she offers these “hacks” for getting the most out of each day:


1. “Achieve an inner calm.”  Learn to maintain an internal equilibrium as the world swirls around you and you will be able to work in any environment.

2. “Concentrate on the thing at hand.”  Abandon the myth of multitasking and the person or task getting your full attention will be the better for it.

3. “Arrange a routine pattern.”  Create a consistent daily schedule to insure you’re addressing everything that needs to be done, while allowing some flexibility for handling the unexpected.

4. “Maintain a general pattern of good health.”  Take care of your body and it will give you the strength and energy to plow through the day.

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