Post. Promote. Move on.


Remember the dieting tip that advises brushing your teeth after a meal or snack?  The thought being that if the taste of food lingers in your mouth, you’ll keep coming back for more, which leads to over-eating and weight gain.

I’ve started applying a version of this idea to my writing.  When I finish an article or post, I “brush my teeth” by immediately moving on to the next article or post.  This way, I don’t keep coming back for more – i.e. over-working, second-guessing, or just plain obsessing over what I’ve already written.

This year, my blogging mantra is:  Post.  Promote.  Move on.

How about you?  What tips and tricks do you apply to keep your writing moving forward?


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5 thoughts on “Post. Promote. Move on.

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  2. Lucy

    Hi, Bernadine. Thank you for stopping by The Breakfast Club. I like your idea of post, promote, move on. I do all my writing on Evernote which is also synchronized on my phone. I may write the post all at once or a bit at a time, then transfer everything over to wordpress and press publish. Again, thanks for taking the time to visit. Lucy Conrad

  3. Lukas

    Hi Bernadine, this is a nice piece of advice. First of all, I haven’t heard about the actual brushing teeth after a meal before, so that one I’ll apply for sure. And regarding the metaphorical one you’re mentioning – I thought about it for a little moment and realized how much time I’m actually wasting with the “obsessing”, especially when it’s something I got positive feedback on. Chances are that with this article you saved me a couple of hours each month. & helped me not gain any weight as a bonus 🙂

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