Sick Day Web Wanderings

peony detail

Don’t you just want to crawl inside this flower and live in those colors?? 

Okay, maybe that’s just the cold medicine talking.  While I hang out here and continue my recovery, why don’t you wander over and check out these interesting folks:

Productivity Counselor, Corporate Disorganizer, Urban Shepherd…sparks & honey‘s 20 Jobs of the Future will give you a lot to think about.  Check out their blog for a bit of eye candy as well.

Alexandra Franzen is always inspirational and this recent post on reframing how we think about our audience, whether it’s one reader or 2,000, hit home for me.

I strongly recommend signing up for Satya Inayat Khans email list.  She sends beautifully written, one-minute snippets of her life.  Trust me, it’s a good addition to your inbox.

If you’re starting to feel the itch of spring fever, you’ll enjoy how Christopher Demers captures the brief moments of transition beautifully in The Witching Hour.


(The photo above is a peony from my garden, several summers ago.)



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