Get on the list: Email you’ll look forward to reading.

Mailbox Peak by Rodrigo Hermann (cropped)

We hear a lot about how people are overwhelmed with email – how they dread the barrage of constant information.  But I’m not sure that the amount of email is the whole problem.  I think it’s more a question of quality.  There’s mundane, useless email and then there’s thoughtful, content-rich email.

Below are a few folks that I look forward to seeing in my inbox because I’ve found them to consistently add value.


iDoneThis is not only a great daily productivity tool for individuals and teams, but they also offer a well-curated weekly newsletter.

What you get:

  • An “appetizer” selection of links from the iDoneThis blog
  • An “entree” exploring how people and companies do their best work.
  • A “dessert” question, quote, or other inspiration

(There was mention of possible changes to the schedule recently, so don’t hold me to the weekly part).


Ann Friedman is a freelance columnist who writes about politics, gender and culture.  I look forward to The Ann Friedman Weekly arriving in my inbox every Friday.

What you get:

  • Links to Ann’s own writing
  • Links to what Ann finds interesting in pop culture
  • Pie charts
  • GIFspirations


Jeff Goins, of Goins, Writer, offers a variety of advice on “better writing and living” and his passion for the work comes through in his email newsletter.

What you get:

  • Thoughtful essays on writing, creating value and building a community
  • Insider access to the author’s eBooks and other resources


I’ve recommended Satya Inayat Khan‘s Unfolded Note before but I find the format so original, I have to keep telling you about it.  I don’t always read them when they arrive at 3:00am but it has happened.

What you get:

  • Reflections on parenting and human connection
  • One beautifully written story per email


I also like:
Tara Gentile
Sarah Von Bargen

How about you?  What email lists would your recommend?


(Photo by Rodrigo Hermann via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons)



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