My introvert batteries are drained.

recharging my batteries

Summer is a busy time around here.  We have houseguests or travel scheduled nearly every weekend.  Several of the houses on our block are vacation homes, so we also have more neighbors than usual from June to September – which means more spontaneous play dates in the street and more backyard hangouts.

I love the influx of friends and family and am so happy that my son will have these crazy, chaotic summer memories.  But… boy, does it take it out of me!  After 4 busy days over this holiday weekend, I am spent…mentally and physically.

So today the husband and the kid are meeting friends at the river and I am enjoying a quiet house all to myself.  Maybe I’ll read.  Maybe I’ll write.  Maybe I’ll just sit on the deck and stare out at the water.  Either way, a little downtime and I’ll be recharged and ready for the next round.


Some good stuff on introversion:

5 reasons it’s helpful to know your personality type.
Why introverts make great leaders.
Office design for introverts, by an introvert.


What I’m reading:


“A brilliantly imagined, irresistible below-stairs answer to Pride and Prejudicean illuminating glimpse of working-class lives in Regency England.”





(This post contains affiliate links to Powell’s Books.)



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