My Best Possible Workplace

green grasses

I am surrounded by organic textures and natural light.  The space is modern, open, and well-maintained.  The design reflects our organization’s core values and there are visible reminders of our shared mission.

My personal workspace is comfortable, and the tools I need are readily accessible and in good repair.  I am able to interact with those around me, while still having a private space for deep work and thoughtful downtime.  I am surrounded by things that inspire me.

Community areas are flexible, offering distinct spaces for private conversation, casual interaction and team engagement.  The atmosphere is professional but relaxed.  I am proud to welcome visitors.

This is my vision of my best possible workplace.

What is yours?


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(Photo by jinterwas via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons)



2 thoughts on “My Best Possible Workplace

  1. dglenning

    I really admire the companies like Pixar, Google, and Saveology. These businesses have the mindset that if they treat the employees as if they are special then they can guarantee a reduced amount of employee turnover. Stuff like the cereal bar at Pixar, the rec room at Google, and pretty much all of Saveology’s complex is the kind of place I’d like to work at.

    1. Bernadine Post author

      Yes, I think you hit on something important here…treating the employees as if they are special. It doesn’t matter what the specific “perk” is, as long as it reflects a culture of valuing the employee.


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