Management Quick Tip: Treat people like adults.

No no. Thank you!  by Aaron Stidwell

“Experienced self-starter.”          “Highly motivated.”          “Results-oriented.”

I find it utterly bewildering that these are the characteristics managers claim to value, yet so many still insist on monitoring their employees’ minute-by-minute productivity.

Limiting internet access.  Requiring that everyone arrive at the same time.  Tracking every second of paid time-off.  These things don’t increase productivity.

You know what does?

Engaged professionals who are not bogged down by arbitrary and insulting administrative policies.

Stop assuming that your team’s default position is to slack off and take advantage.

You’ve hired responsible, educated adults.  Treat them that way.


(Photo by Aaron Stidwell via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons)



3 thoughts on “Management Quick Tip: Treat people like adults.

  1. MPM

    Reblogged this on UnDisgruntledBlog and commented:
    Words of wisdom from the Maven! While there are many actions you can take to become undisgruntled at work, in an environment where managers are encouraged to assume the worst of their employees, and behavior control is more important than results, disgruntlement is a legitimate response. Finding an environment where performance is valued over conformance is even better!

  2. Shanna Koenigsdorf Ward

    I couldn’t agree more. One would assume that if an employer hires someone and keeps them on, they trust them. Empowering them instead of demeaning them sounds like the way to go. I like this op-ed! 🙂


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