Management Quick Tip: Work on your writing skills.

No no. Thank you!  by Aaron Stidwell

Email and social media have made us all writers, no matter what our job title.

And we can all stand to get better at conveying our messages clearly, succinctly and in a way that engages our readers.

Here are a few resources to help you hone your writing chops:





How about you?  Do you have a favorite book on writing?  Please share in the comments.


(Photo by Aaron Stidwell via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons)


(This post contains affiliate links to Powell’s Books.)



7 thoughts on “Management Quick Tip: Work on your writing skills.

  1. darcylear

    “Send” by Shipley and Schwalbe–all about email. If we could just agree on a few ground rules that they suggest, it would improve every working person’s life.

  2. Sandrine

    Bernadine – thanks for visiting my blog recently. I recently read the “4-hours work week”. Although it is not specific to writing skills, I found it interesting in terms of simplifying our communication process and focusing on priorities.

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