Three reasons why your admin job is kind of awesome.

your admin job is awesome

Ginny via Flickr

Providing administrative support isn’t your dream job?  It wasn’t mine either.  But it’s a job.  And it’s actually great for your career.  Here’s why:

1. You are in the perfect position to learn how organizations work.  You get to observe how decisions are made, and you’re learning systems and procedures that will transfer to any field you ultimately want to work in.

2. You are not tied to your work.  When you leave the office, you can really leave the office.  Which means more time for side projects, classes, hobbies and relationships.

3. You have nowhere to go but up.  You’re likely supporting multiple departments, which means multiple potential growth paths.  And promotions at this stage can mean big gains in pay and responsibility.

So relax, embrace your job for what it is, and enjoy the freedom while you can.


(Photo by Ginny via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons)


7 thoughts on “Three reasons why your admin job is kind of awesome.

  1. Kirk Baumann

    Love this! I started my career as an Administrative Assistant – best way to see how things really work. I had the unique opportunity to job shadow many people across several other functions because my boss knew I was destined for something more than an assistant role. He always said, “someday, I’ll be working for you” and connected me with a few really good mentors to help me find my way. This was the best thing to happen in my career and I am forever grateful.

    Great post!


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