Management Tip of the Week: March 21, 2014

For the best snow cones in the Valley.

This tip comes from Veronika Sonsev, CEO and cofounder of InSparq, via an interview with Anne Libby on the iDoneThis blog:

“First, [Sonsev] finds out the top three goals you want to have on your resume when you leave the company, and then the top two things you want her to say about you in a recommendation.  Then every week, she does a planning session to figure out how to get you one step closer to those bullet points.”

What an engaged, thoughtful approach to management!  It recognizes that, as an employee, your resume is one of your most valuable assets. Sure, we should all be driven by passion for our work and  dedication to the organization.  But as managers, we need to realize that people have career aspirations beyond their current position.  Helping your team grow as individuals and professionals is one of the coolest things about being a leader.

What do you think?   Is this an idea you could implement as a manager?


(Photo by Aaron Stidwell via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons)



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