Management Quick Tip: Learn to take a punch.

No, no.  Thank you!  by Aaron Stidwell (cropped)

Okay, maybe not literally.  (Unless you’re into that.)  But figuratively, in the sense of seeking out rejection.

My guess is you’re a high performer and you set a high standard for yourself.  You work hard to make sure you don’t fail.  That you’re not rejected.  That you don’t get punched in the face by life.

But don’t let your high standards get in the way of trying new, potentially painful, things.

Because that’s where the learning comes from.


(Photo by Aaron Stidwell via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons)



2 thoughts on “Management Quick Tip: Learn to take a punch.

  1. amysantee

    Speaking from personal experience, this is crucial. Trying new things, especially painful, uncomfortable things, helps you grow as a person and as a professional. No one is good at everything, and probably everyone wants to get better at something. When you try something new, you will undoubtedly face moments of rejection and failure, but that’s what helps you improve and progress (even though it might not feel like it at the time). Pushing and challenging yourself will lead to further success. It takes those successes to build up the confidence to say you have a new skill and that you’re great at something. Then you can take that confidence and start all over again with another skill you’d like to develop.

  2. Bernadine Post author

    Great points, Amy. I agree that it is an ongoing process as you move from challenge to the next. But knowing you survived one, or many, “punches” in the past gives you the confidence to keeping moving forward. Thanks for commenting!


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